Just got back from TFC, it’s been so long since I’ve been up there.
Though too bad I wasn’t able to stay long….and catch-up with some people.
Maybe next time, if God approves.

I’ve forgotten how great and funny my past youth guys were.
I was stuck in the car with 4 of them on the way and back.
Being with them again is just…so great. Hahaha.
The things they things they say and do, I really miss it.
I must say, these people really know how to put a  smile on your face
Though most of the time they were teasing me, it’s still great to feel like nothing has changed. :)

God bless these wonderful brothers of mine & the rest of the precious HC Youth <3


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  1. gracenaag said: karissa, i miss you! i’m sad everytime i see you, i never get to sit down and talk to you…all because it’s my fault, alwys running around! i hope to chit chat with you soon!
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