Car Troubles

I already don’t like cars. 
Have a bit of a phobia with them - but it’s not like a crazy fear or anything.
However, I think this morning’s experience just gave it a boost.

I remember reading a friends post about school. How she get’s tired of the old routs to school. And how she would like an unusual occurrence to happen just that the day is different, you know?
Not too long after that, my brother asked me if he was a a safe driver.
I really wanted to not answer that because I didn’t think he was, but instead I said yes. Which is I guess a lie-ish IDK. I really don’t trust anyone while in the car actually. I’m always paranoid and scared. Even with my parents at times. 

So this morning was pretty unusual. 
My brother woke up, instead of waking him up to take me to school - studying his hw…I guess…We left earlier to school too.
So whist on the road he was speeding, and I told him he should slow down.
He took it as a joke. -.- So then he said that he was gonna close his eyes and I would be the one to tell him when to go bc we were in traffic.
I didn’t do it anyways. but that didn’t affect what happened next.
As we drove, he kept going, I noticed we were getting closer to the car in front of us that stopped. We got closer. I yelled at him to “STOP!” Instead he did the opposite. Panic. Sped up. BAM. Hit.

How did this happen? He was closing his eyes bc he was tired and didn’t notice he was still driving. -.- Yes, in a spit second from closing your eyes- ANYTHING can happen.
I went about the day replaying the scene in my head, thinking of all the possible ways of preventing it. 
Should I mention the car we hit, the driver is such a jerk. Hahaha. Sorry to say but he really was. He didn’t yell at us or anything but just kept complaining to the police about how he got coffee all over him, his daughter needed to go to school, etc, yeah. Well so did I, but I was fine going or not. 

*sigh* I still am shaken a bit from this morning. Just when I got the courage to start driving, SHATTERED. Thanks….a lot. Now I will never get behind the wheels again…

I’m probably not all at fault, but I do still feel guilty. I just feel so bad and thinking of what I could have done. T.T
I’m such a loser, good for nothing I tell you. 
I prayed that the man would be merciful. Tried not to worry. I mean God saw it coming right? He’s taking care of us. Just gotta trust in Him. 
But too bad the guy wasn’t what I prayed for. :( Ah, well then, just gonna still pray though. :) Haha. Even though it ‘s all over. IDK what the outcome of it all was though - no one would tell me. :|
Just have to continue to trust in the Father. <3

Take Care. Be Safe. God Bless.


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  1. gracenaag said: omg, that is so scary! that’s my biggest fear—-falling asleep driving. BUT FOR REALS, PRAISE GOD YOU GUYS ARE OKAY!!! :D
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